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The various components of traditional braces create a dynamic matrix capable of correcting your child’s misaligned teeth. However, the brackets, bands and wires of this orthodontic system can often create an area that is hard to clean with simple dental floss and a manual toothbrush.

If residual food material and plaque are not released from these areas, the persistent bacterial presence can lead to the tooth enamel demineralization of cavities and the periodontal inflammation associated with gum disease.

Symptoms and treatment of these oral health problems can potentially complicate the process of correcting the alignment of their teeth. In the long-term it could also increase the number of necessary adjustments our dentist needs to perform to achieve their ideal smile.

If your child has been struggling to brush or floss a specific area Dr. Martin Ortiz might recommend using a dental water Flosser device. The simple oral appliance generates a concentrated yet gentle stream of water that can clear trapped food material and plaque buildup from traditional braces components and teeth.

With practiced technique the water flosser can also help release bacterial deposits from the gumline. However, most individuals with braces still benefit from the physical effectiveness provided by a traditional strand of dental floss.

After they are done brushing and flossing your child might also like to rinse their mouth with antiseptic mouthwash to clear away loosened deposits and kill additional oral bacteria.

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